We love working with WHSmith on projects, they are always exciting installs which we enjoy sinking our teeth into! Our most recent work with them took place in Gatwick Airport, where we were able to showcase our high standards of work, even when installing screens in such high volume!

Twenty-seven screens were installed in total, ranging from small gondola screens to an 84” powerhouse in the store window. Four videowalls were installed, configured in a 7×1, 3×1, and 2×1 (x2) pattern. The 3×1 videowall was installed above the chillers, which highlights offers and meal deals that are available. This feature could save people a lot of time trying to figure out what products are in an offer! One of the 2×1 videowalls is positioned above the newspaper area, displaying important headlines and promotional offers.

Screens are displayed above the cash desks which are really useful. They tell customers which desks accept cash and card payments, and where to queue. They are multi-language too, so non-English speakers can use the desks with ease! It will also save the staff from losing their voices from telling customers where to pay, plus the automated system will make the process nice and simple. Further, we realise that an airport environment is much different to a standard retail environment, so we wanted to make the whole shopping experience as quick and as easy as possible to ensure nobody is delayed in their travels!

Gondola screens have been installed across the store which we feel compliments the impressive display of technology in the store. Like the videowalls, their purpose is to promote offers and make customers aware of what is available to them. For example, in the tech area of the store, the gondola screen will display sale items such as headphones and speakers. Speaking of audio equipment, we also installed four audio-zones in the store which are all synced-up with each other.

To bring it all together, there is a multi-screen campaign takeover where all screens sync together and display the same content, which is a great way to grab the attention of the customers in the store, and even those walking by! Research shows that multi-screen takeovers are a great way to draw the gaze of onlookers, which is difficult to achieve in such a busy airport.

When you’re jetting off from Gatwick next, be sure to check out our work with WHSmith; we are quite proud of it!

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