Having visited Amsterdam earlier in the year to attend the ISE Conference, our research team thought it best to visit somewhere a little closer to home on the next trip. To break up the midweek grind, they travelled to London to attend the Insight Show (partnered by Marketing Week Live) which is labelled as the event for professionals in the marketing industry, as it provides researchers and analysts the tools to deliver high quality projects.

The team listened to some fantastic talks from big hitters such as Sky, Kantar, and Unilever, as well as many other speakers who provided very insightful presentations. Notably, the team enjoyed learning more on how neuroscience plays a role in marketing, and gaining insights into effective marketing from industry leaders and researchers. Dr Tim Holmes, whose presentation was voted the best of the show at the 2017 event, gave a great presentation regarding eye-tracking, something we at Pixel are looking to explore in much more detail in the near future! We also gained some insights from the mind of Dr Mark Ritson, rated one of the top 30 most powerful people in media and marketing in 2017, which is always a fascinating experience; along with learning about crucial marketing sins, we learnt that within the next 30 years, every single person on the planet will be dressed like Elvis Presley, which I’m sure is news to all of you!

If the impressive list of speakers wasn’t enough, there was an extensive list of exhibitors in attendance, 88 in total, which our team made full-use of. They had great chats with companies that offer useful tools in the world of marketing and research which Pixel may look into adopting in the coming months… don’t you just love a bit of ambiguity? With a lot of companies offering very similar packages, the competition was stiff, giving our team the difficult task of differentiating them and selecting the best of the best.

What’s so great about attending shows like this is that it’s not just an event where people can offer their products and services, it’s a fantastic place to network, supplying the opportunity to collaborate with people who you may have encountered before, or with people you’ve bumped into on the way to the cloak room! Pixel had such an encounter at this show (not on the way to the cloak room) and are hoping to join forces with a highly-regarded individual on a digital signage study very soon.

Keep your eyes peeled…

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