With so many of our clients getting “spooky” this Halloween with dozens of creative briefs coming in to our studio for Halloween content we thought it was only fair to join them and have a little fun of our own.

To kick things off our office managers added to their already scary workloads by decorating the offices and having a mini-competition of who has the best decorations… I don’t think any office was willing to cave when it came to the decision of best dressed office! Our personal favourite ‘decoration’ was this handsome chap, lovingly named George (his phone manner left a little to be desired but he had a killer eye for 3D animation work).

To make things even scarier, everybody wore fancy dress in an attempt to win the title of “best costume”; it was a very tough decision for our judges, and if you want to find out who won, you’ll just have to keep reading!


As we work so hard here, we thought it would be nice (I mean terrifying) to have a company pub quiz-style lunch in the office. The questions were all Halloween-related, with categories including name that song, general knowledge, and name that film! Even though some of the questions would literally require somebody who was at the Salem witch trials in 1692 to answer them correctly, it was still very fun. The winners received a bottle of wine each and the short-lived respect of their colleagues whilst second place received nothing… not that I am bitter at all.

All in all it was a great day, everybody put in a great amount of effort and it was fantastic to see the Pixel team embrace Halloween like it should be!

Oh yes, the winner of best costume. Well, some office mischief took place during voting which saw the culprits disqualified! The REAL winner was…….…technical project manager, Danny! Fantastic effort (with help from his mother). He really pushed the boat out and took his lawsuit-avoiding named ‘Killer Burger Clown’ costume even further by returning to the scene of the crime, heading out for lunch to help spread the…joy?

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