In the digital age, retailers need to be progressive, innovative and able to adapt to trends quickly. Future stores will include more and more elements of the digital world, creating a challenging environment full of new possibilities. To make the most of it all, retailers need reliable and flexible in-store solutions to connect and interact with their customers, deliver targeted content and improve customer service.

The above is the mission statement of Grassfish, an innovative, relatively new content management system software company who Pixel began working with in late 2017. The team, based in Vienna, have created a fantastic CMS solution with a variety of great capabilities:

  • Dynamic content delivery – targeted promotions and relevant information at a fraction of the cost of bespoke content creation each time you need to update your messaging
  • Personalised customer service – added value, opportunity to upsell
  • Enhanced store environment – visual, sound, light and smell devices all controlled
  • Real-time actionable store data – single data collection platform for analytics and business intelligence
  • Staff support – notifications, customer insight, and store control to enhance staff performance
  • Player synchronisation  – enables you to operate multiple screens as video walls or installed throughout the room, with separate or combined content: an ideal way to build your brand, inspire your customers and enhance communication.

Grassfish’s out-of-the-box solution helps build brand awareness and supports the sales process with real-time customisable content, to enhance the customer journey and influence consumer decision-making.

System integration brings the IoT to your in-store marketing activity

Grassfish allows a great level of integration between multiple devices and systems including:

  • Digital signage and video walls
  • Interactive systems, virtual shelves and vending machines
  • Background music
  • Lighting systems
  • Cash registers and scales
  • Mobile staff devices
  • Interaction and analytics sensors
  • Customer devices

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