We love showcasing our work overseas, and our recent involvement with Charlotte Tilbury’s launch in the Middle East is no exception! We’re no strangers to this area of the world having completed work in the past for brands such as Knight Frank and Links of London, but it’s our first project in the Middle East in 2017 with Kuwait and Doha the destinations for the two projects. Our primary involvement was as a consultant team for specifying kit and a support partner on installs both of which brought out the puzzle-solving abilities in our client services and logistics teams.

The brief involved us identifying screens that would best-fit planned fit-out in the Charlotte Tilbury stores, which was a bit of a brainteaser at times, especially considering the number of screens required across the two stores (located in some of the biggest shopping malls in the world). Over 40 screens were used, ranging from fairly standard 40” to 98” behemoths, installed in a variety of configurations with one videowall at the Kuwait store spanning two entire floors! Now that’s pretty impressive. A number of the screens are built with interactive capabilities, allowing customers to engage with the brand and explore the range of products on offer in a more personal manner.

One of the main challenges encountered with supporting this project was working around the time difference. Two hours doesn’t seem like much, but most of the work is done in the evening in Kuwait and Doha due to the extreme heat in the daytime, which made communicating quite difficult (not to mention daylight savings adding an extra hour to the difference). Thankfully, Pixel does benefit from one of our support team members being based out of Southern Japan, giving us a few extra hours each day to liaise with the onsite install teams. On top of this was the language barrier, English and Arabic are not exactly the easiest of languages to have in the same line of communication!

Despite these challenges, the project was a huge success with both sites launching to much media fanfare and generating huge amounts of buzz among the fashion savvy customers of this iconic British brand out in the Middle East.

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