We always like to highlight the brilliant work done by partners and friends in the industry, and one such partner we’ve recently began working with is an exciting UK company, Pufferfish. Along with providing simplistic yet advanced software, they have a fantastic display solution which is our primary tie with them.

Their display is impressive due to its shape; it is spherical and has the ability to project content in a 360-degree view, allowing them to showcase content in a whole new way! They are powerful pieces of kit, with their optic systems incorporating state of the art laser projection technology, meaning they hold up very well in bright environments. Also, they are unobstructed by factors such as shadows or blank spots, giving the user a truly fluent experience. The display comes in three versions:

  • PufferSphere
    • The PufferSphere comes in a variety of sizes and projects high quality optics
  • PufferSphere Touch
    • This version has sensory capabilities in the form of touch, allowing even more engagement
  • PufferSphere Pro
    • The pro version is inflatable, making it easier to transport, and it can be mounted in an inverted orientation for an even more interesting experience!

A great use for these displays, which has been shown on their website, is creating a digital globe which a user can rotate, search for locations through categories, and zoom in and out of. Although we can’t disclose exactly what we’re going to be using the displays for just yet, we can say that it is going to be for an exciting flagship project!

We’re really looking forward to working with Pufferfish this year; saying we’ve worked with the company that produces the world’s biggest single projector spherical display is quite something!

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