Whilst we are more than happy to show off our own Digital Signage Solutions (seriously, if you ever get cornered by one of our directors at an industry event, you are in for a long night!), we also like to highlight some of the best work from other companies out there in the digital signage world.

Wheelchair users remind Russian drivers they are more than just a sign:

Why we like it: A combination of clever back-end design, interesting technology and thought-provoking content make this our favourite thing this month. Yes it is probably too expensive a solution to be used widespread but a fabulous campaign nonetheless highlighting a social issue which is far too commonplace.

Fiat employs Playboy Bunny, a burly security guard and a little girl to help you parallel park:

Why we like it: Yes it’s a PR stunt as opposed to a scalable solution for everyday use, but it highlights some of the best elements of digital signage; imaginative use of tech, clever development, interactivity, attention-grabbing visuals and most of all, it’s fun    and people want to watch it!

Residents of Battersea Dogs Home will follow you home if you’re not careful:

Why we like it: Other than the fact it’s got a cute dog in it you mean? Again, more a PR stunt than something that is going to roll out, but shows nicely how digital signage can not only interact with your viewers but also incorporate other existing channels to bring harmony across marketing communication channels. Samsung screens are saving drivers lives in Argentina:

Why we like it:  The simplicity of the solution to help save lives is actually quite a beautiful thing – grab a camera, mount it to the front of a truck and then output the feed to a screen (or screens in this case) stuck to the back of the truck so other vehicles can   see if it is safe to pass or if there is queuing traffic ahead. While we don’t expect every big rig to suddenly appear on UK roads with a Samsung screen strapped to the back of it, this is an innovative idea and one that with the falling prices of technology could maybe have some legs in it (legal issues aside).

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