This month we’d like you to get to know our fantastic Logistics Manager who has been with us for almost a year. Have a read to find out some things about Esther that even we didn’t know!

Name: Esther

Position at Pixel: Logistics Coordinator

Time at Pixel: Nearly a year

Before joining pixel, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had? I worked in Medical and Nuclear Design Engineering recruitment, I worked on some really interesting roles including a vacancy to assist with the decommissioning of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant.

How was your first day at Pixel? My first day was really great, meeting a fantastic friendly team who made me feel really welcome. It was a steep learning curve and I realised I had lots of new things to learn.


What is your favourite line from a movie? Follow the yellow brick road 😊

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you want with you? A fishing rod, my dog and a huge box of books

What is your worst habit (that you are willing to admit to)? Winding up Matt & Jason on the support team! I’m sure they dislike me intensely 😊

What’s the best TV Show or film you’ve seen this year? Season 5 of Bates Motel and The OA on Netflix

Last book you read? – Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Who is your celebrity crush? Josh Holloway from Lost

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I would love to live in a little cottage with a white picket fence in the Lake District, near a forest and a lake so I could go on lots of lovely walks and be close to nature.

What is your most embarrassing moment to date? – Falling down some stairs in a really posh restaurant… after two drinks ☹… it was the heels that did it!


Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset

Beer or Wine? Beer

Gym or Cinema? Gym? What’s that?

Friday Night or Sunday Morning? Friday Night

Winter or Summer? Winter

PC or Mac? PC

Barbie or Sindy? Barbie

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury

Ketchup or Mustard? Both together

Dress up or Dress down? Dress down

Star wars or Star Trek? Which one has Yoda in? yes that one!

Pancakes or Waffles? Pancakes

Watch or No Watch? Watch

Skiing or Snowboarding? I have been snowboarding once… spent most of the time on my bum 😊

Chocolate or Strawberry? Strawberry Milkshake.. yum

Xbox or PS4? Coronation Street 😊

Apple or Android? Android

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