Rate-boards and Battleships!

In 2012 we began to work with Tesco Bank on a project to update a number of their existing travel money rate boards to something with a bit more impact and quality. We set to work designing a unique, fully branded digital rate-board totem that was capable of being installed remotely from the bureau, whilst remaining synchronised with the daily automatic exchange rate updates.

These units use a portrait high brightness display to show the latest rates, retrieved via an automated link to the back office.  Pixel’s design team helped develop the graphical style of the rate-board content in a way that mixed great design with our understanding of visual psychology and consumer behaviour.

Tesco Bank Digital Signage

Following from the success of the project, Tesco Bank asked Pixel in 2013 to take on a pilot run of POP (point of purchase) digital screens. We worked with a group of shop fitters, designers and Tesco staff to help design and build a digital ‘battleship’ that would sit between the conveyor belts of two adjacent tills.

These battleships incorporated two NEC 29” Ultra-Wide displays that ran along the top of the conveyors. These screens display service and brand-related information for Tesco Bank as opposed to promotional as research has shown us this to be more effective content at this stage in a shopper’s journey.

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