The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, originating from the mid-19th century, holds a capacity of over 2,200 and is home to The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Covent Garden has a vast history, stretching back to 1732, where 3 previous theatres sat. The current auditorium is a Grade I listed building and is a famous location, known across the world. It has held many momentous occasions since it was reopened in 1946 including plays such as The Sleeping Beauty and The Fairy Queen as well as a series of Gala performances celebrating the work of the Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera.

Pixel were approached by Royal Opera House in order to install a large, high-quality picture across the wall within the lobby of the theatre, for customers to experience before they made their way through into the auditorium. The project was completed in August 2018 after our engineers installed 4 NEC projectors and 2 Optoma GB200 image blending and warping processors to create the large-scale picture. This was over 7 metres wide, whilst still producing HD visuals due to HDMI extenders and processors which were able to blend the content between screens. The picture can catch the eyes of not only the customers within the theatre but those outside who may be bypassing.

The content on this screen can now be managed by Royal Opera House themselves, passing information to the single media player with 4 outputs, one for each projector screen. This could show whatever they wished, including things such as future events taking place at the theatre, or content to increase the excitement of the current events, creating a better experience for those who are attending. Such a project can be replicated in many different locations by Pixel, creating an experience for any consumers or potential consumers who may lay eyes on it.

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