In case you didn’t know, the Dubai Mall in (that’s right) Dubai, is the world’s biggest shopping mall, and thanks to one of our fave clients, we now have a stunning digital projection menuboard there!

In-line with previous installs in impressive global locations such as Paris, New York and Utrecht, Pret approached us to install an attention grabbing, easy to navigate, digital menuboard in one of the most iconic corners of the world.

The install was identical in terms of kit to what we installed in New York; if you’re interested in what we did there, have a read of our Around the World blog!

If you haven’t got time to read our NYC piece, then the rundown of kit is two 5000 Lumen NEC Laser Projectors which were mounted and concealed within a bulkhead on the ceiling, giving them a seamless, sleek finish. These project the menu onto two high-quality wooden chevron boards, which give the sandwich shop a real unique yet modern feel.

Containing over 1200 stores, the mall is now host to the second Pret in Dubai, the first being in Dubai International Airport. Hopefully one day soon this author will get to head over to the Mall to see it first-hand…boss?

If you would like to experiment with similar ideas, or already have an idea in mind that you’d like to get out there, get in touch and we will make it happen!

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